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Welcome to the Greeneville City School System Preschool webpage.  We are looking forward to beginning another exciting year with our newest students!  Our preschool program serves 100 children in 5 classrooms.   Children enrolled in our program will begin a staggered schedule on Monday, August 10th.  Families will receive a schedule from their child's teacher letting them know what days they will attend.  Children will begin attending our program full time on Monday, August 24th.

We strive to build a strong home/ school connection with our families. We encourage parents to take an active role in their childs education.  One of the most effective activities you can do with your child is reading with him/ her.  Not only is it a GREAT way to spend QUALITY TIME; it helps to promote necessary pre-reading skills. Follow your child's lead when reading with them. If they want to hear the same books over and over just remember repetition teaches!  Also allow your child to ask questions, point to pictures, etc.  Make storytime with your child enjoyable! 

Vanderbilt's Children's hospital has helped develop a website we feel you will find useful: https://ww2.mc.vanderbilt.edu/cll/44396.  This website has developed family literacy activities to go along with the books from birth program your child is already receiving!!!  What a wonderful resource for you, the parent.  Click on the picture of the story want to read to your child, and you will have a list of developmentally appropriate activities that you can participate in with your child!  If you are not able to use address above, please go to our links page.  You will find a link that will take you directly to this site.


Ms. Carrie Baines (423)787-0007
Preschool Teacher (Tusculum View Elementary) Email Ms. Carrie Baines
Ms. Lauren Edwards (423) 638-6351
Preschool Teacher (EastView Elementary) Email Ms. Lauren Edwards
Ms. Amy Higgins (423) 638-9340
Preschool Teacher (Center for Technology) Email Ms. Amy Higgins
Ms. Heather Jones (423)636-8511
Preschool Teacher (Hal Henard Elementary) Email Ms. Heather  Jones
Ms. Susan Metcalfe (423)638-3341
Preschool Teacher (Highland Elementary) Email Ms. Susan Metcalfe
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