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@pps for Instructors

Web sites, and hints that can greatly enhance an instructor's teaching repertoire are highlighted on his site. Most are free or inexpensive apps. Some are specific to iPads and other Apple technologies.


A Web Whiteboard

A Web Whiteboard is touch-friendly online whiteboard app that lets you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to easily draw sketches, collaborate with others and share them with the world.



This site provides a fun way to deliver information with a silly talking photo.



Create interactive quizzes that are based on YouTube clips. Your quizzes can be about anything of your choosing. The structure of the quizzes has a viewer watch a short clip then answer a multiple choice question about the clip.



Mind mapping site


Channel One

News broadcast relevant for students.



Link with dozens of free class tech tools to use.


ClassTools-Random Generator

Random name generator for choosing students


ClassTools-Random Generator 2

Random name or word generator


Cybrary Man's Educational Websites

The internet catalogue for students, teachers, administrators & parents.  Over 20,000 relevant links personally selected by an educator/author with over 30 years of experience.


Ediscio-Online Flashcards

This is a flashcard website that allows you to create flashcards that can be used by others, and separate them by class, test, etc. You can choose to put pictures on the other side instead of a word.



Video platform that allows a teacher to take any video, (YouTube, Khan Academy, form the EdPuzzle library, etc.) and crop, record your voice on top and add a quiz.  EdPuzzle collects data as students watch.


Edudemic Grades 6-12

A one-stop-shop for forums, articles, ideas, and resources on everything technology. Edudemic can be explored by topics such as How-To, Tools, or Online Learning. Or browse through the videos collection for amazing examples of teaching and learning. 


For All Rubrics

Rubric and Badging Platform for Teaching and Learning 


Goorule Learning

Find, remix, and share collections of web resources on any K-12 topic.


Instant Classroom

Random name generator for choosing students



Create and play quizzes, discussions or even surveys using any device with a web browser.



A safe and easy way to get student blogging about your class instruction. Teachers can create an account and classes.


Learners TV

This is a comprehensive site providing thousands of downloadable Video lectures, Live Online Tests, etc in the fields of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine, Management and Accounting, Dentistry, Nursing, Psychology, History, Language Training, Literature, Law, Economics, Philosophy, Astronomy, Political Science, etc.



Store and share presentations/links/documents.



Mentimeter allows you to use mobile phones or tablets to vote on any question you specify.  No registration/sign up needed to create or respond.



Mimio community-free to join and search lessons to download and adapt to suit your need.



Interactive mind mapping



Create mind maps and share.



Padlet makes posting things on the Internet as easy as pinning notes on a bulletin board. Using the idea of a blank piece of paper, you can put whatever you want on your wall by dragging and dropping documents and images from your desktop, copying and pasting links to websites or videos or just typing notes on your page.


Poll Everywhere

Take a quick poll using students' cell phones and instantly see student'' knowledge on a topic.


Primary Technology

Random name generator for choosing students


ProProfs Quiz Maker

User friendly way to conduct almost every assessment you can imagine.  Ideal for the classroom, in both on-ground and online learning environments.



Students/Teachers can organize, save and search their notes with just a username and password. Registration is not needed. This easy to use site connects to Wikipedia and Merriam Webster. Download, print or send notes to a Kindle.



A free tool for creating online quizzes. The best feature of Quizdini is that you can create explanations of the correct answer for your students to view immediately after trying each question in your quiz.


Create, store, & print worksheets, quizzes, etc.

Skype in the Classroom

Connect with teachers across the globe that are wanting to open their classrooms to students for sharing ideas and questions on topics. Search for lessons in a content area and then find other classrooms that want to connect and learn.



Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classroom through a series of educational exercises and games via a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.


Study Blue

Use Study Blue to study millions of flash cards and online quizzes or if you cant find what you are looking for, create your own.



StudyLadder, geared for elementary and junior high/middle grades, lends itself to being an interesting, ready to use stock of activities to reinforce many content standards from a wide range of curricula. Many of the activities offer a game-like feeling, while building conceptual understanding.


Super Teacher Tools

Web site with links to teacher tools like games, counters, group makers, and more.


Sweet Search

Search engine for students



TEDEd allows educators to create and share lessons built around YouTube videos.


The Answer Pad

Turn any device into a responsive device. Student devices can become clickers simply by using the free ios app or logging onto the answerpad.com site.



Live stream for teacher/students to comment, ask questions, and use  feedback to tailor your presentation, sharpen your points, and address audience needs. You can use any device with internet access.


Youngzine Grades K-8

Youngzine is a child-centered website that provides articles, images, and videos about world news, science and technology, society and arts, movies, and books. All content is reviewed by Youngzine’s editors and updated every two weeks.


Zoho Survey

Online quiz making platform with additional features.  You can ask a short answer question and send respondents to a new question based upon their responses. For example, I could ask students to enter which class they're in and send them to a set of questions just for their class. When you're ready to publish your Zoho Survey you can embed it into a blog post or webpage. You can also send out a link to your survey. One of the options that you can choose for your published survey is to limit responses to one per computer. Another useful option is to set a date to automatically stop allowing responses.




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