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Language Arts       

Think Dots Word Work (Rachel Silvers)     

Choice Board "Fly Eagle Fly" (3rd Grade Tusuculm View)  

Choice Board "A Day's Work"   

Thinking Maps/Ant and the Grasshopper DI  (Tusculum View 3rd Grade)

Titanic NonFiction (Carla Renner, 5th Grade)

Tic-Tac-Toe Vocabulary (Carla Renner, 5th Grade)

Pet Bingo (Donna Robertson)  

Choice Board (Sarah Benson)

Daily Five (Rachel Silvers)


Essential Questions Dec./Jan.2011  grades 1-5 (Laurie Gray at Statham Elementary, Georgia )

Essential Questions Math Feb.2011 Grades 1-5 (Laurie Gray at Statham Elementary, Georgia )

Sept. 2011

Oct. 2009

Nov. 2011

Dec. 2011

Jan. 2012

Feb 2012

March 2012

Essential Questions grades 1-5  March, April 2011(Laurie Gray at Statham Elementary, Georgia)

Numbers by the Week, Grade 4 Numbers by the week cont. (Michelle Fowler, Yargo Elementary, Georgia)

Numbers of the Day (Essential Questions in Math for 2nd and 3rd Grade) - Michelle Fowler Barrow County Schools Set 1, Set 2, Set 3

More Numbers of the day (93 of them in fact)

Math Choice boards (2nd and 3rd Grade Tusculum View)

Math Choice boards (2nd and 3rd Grade Tusculum View)                                     


Earthquake Tasks (Renee Skeen)

Erosion (Renee Skeen)

Weather Instruments -analytical, practical, creative (3rd Grade Tusculum View)

Planets Pre-assessment (3rd Grade Tusculum View)

Adaptations vocabulary - analytical, practical, creative (3rd Grade Tusculum View)

Ceral Profile    

Space Dinner Menu and Rubric (Carla Renner, 5th Grade)              


 Strategies the Differentiate Instruction for Grades K-4


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