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Mr. Ken Fay (423) 823-5200
Federal Programs Supervisor Email Mr. Ken Fay
Dr. Suzanne Bryant (423) 787-8000
Assistant Director of Schools Email Dr. Suzanne Bryant
Ms. Beverly W Miller (423) 787-8019
Assistant Director of Schools for Administration / Chief Technology Officer Email Ms. Beverly Miller
Jeff Townsley (423) 787-8009
Chief Student Services Officer Email Jeff Townsley
Ms. Sheila Bailey (423) 787-8000
Administrative Assistant to Assistant Director of Schools Email Ms. Sheila Bailey
Ms. Debbie Collins (423) 787-8016
Administrative Assistant to Assistant Director of Schools Email Ms. Debbie Collins
Mrs. Johnna Beard (423) 787-8012
School Nutrition Coordinator Email Mrs. Johnna Beard
Mr. Chuck Broyles (423) 787-8050
IT Operations Administrator Email Mr. Chuck Broyles
Fred Dobson (423) 787-8042
Alternative Learning Program Email Fred Dobson
Julie Fannon (423) 787-8021
IT Systems Analyst Email Julie Fannon
Mr. Phillip Graham (423) 787-8003
Plant Operations / Transportation Coordinator Email Mr. Phillip Graham
Mr. Larry Jones (423) 787-8023
IT Network Administrator Email Mr. Larry Jones
Ms. Latasha Keller (423) 638-1083
Preschool Social Worker Email Ms. Latasha Keller
Ms. Brenda Malone (423) 787-8022
Bookkeeper Email Ms. Brenda Malone
Mrs. Kristen Rollins (423) 787-8003
Administrative Assistant for Operations/Health Services Email Mrs. Kristen Rollins
Amy Saunders (423) 787-8011
Psychologist/Testing Coordinator Email Amy Saunders
Ms. Brandy Shelton (423) 278-9155
Data Coach/System Testing Coordinator Email Ms. Brandy Shelton
Mr. Mitch Shuler (423) 787-8006
Computer Technician Email Mr. Mitch Shuler
Mrs. Becky Tilson (423) 787-8013
School Nutrition Secretary/Bookkeeper Email Mrs. Becky Tilson
Tamara Wilcox (423) 823-5202
Federal Programs Accountant Email Tamara Wilcox
Mrs. Jeannie Woolsey (423) 636-1696
Health Services Coordinator Email Mrs. Jeannie Woolsey
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