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United Way

Greene County is a beautiful place to live, a great place to raise a family, and a caring community that gives generously to help kids.  The United Way of Greene County is a great investment in the future of our community.


The Greeneville City School District has set a goal of 100% participation AND a system wide goal of $15,000 in United Way pledges. As the largest employer in the city limits, GCS should be able to meet or exceed this goal.


Local dollars from the United Way of Greene County stay in Greene County to support students and their families.  Several agencies that are directly affected by United Way assistance include the GCS Family Support Center, the Adult Basic Education Program, the Boys and Girls Club, Frontier Health, Child Advocacy Center, and Greene County Food Bank.  It is remarkable that ninety nine (99) cents out of every dollar donated stays in Greene County!


If you selected payroll deductions as the method of payment, employees who are paid monthly will have five deductions (January through May) and employees who are paid semi-monthly will have ten deductions (January through May).  For example, if you pledge $100 and you are paid monthly, the payroll deduction would be $20 for the five payroll periods of January through May.  If you pledge $100 and are paid semi-monthly, the payroll deduction would be $10 for the ten payroll periods of January through May.


Remember that all donations are tax deductible. 



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