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Nationwide Life Insurance
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Nationwide Designation of Beneficiary Form
Nationwide Premium List

Greeneville City Schools currently provides full time employees with a minimum of $20,000 life insurance benefit based on an age reduction schedule of 35% at age 65, and 50% at age 70.  Full time employees can elect to take out additional voluntary life/AD&D and coverage for a spouse and/or child(ren).


During November each year a Nationwide open enrollment is held for benefit increases that are effective the following January.  During this open enrollment, full time employees who are already enrolled in voluntary insurance coverage and have not met the $150,000 guaranteed issue plan maximum have the opportunity to increase their current optional coverage by $10,000 with guaranteed issue.  See the Nationwide Premium List under Related Documents.


It is very important to keep your life insurance beneficiary information up to date.  A Nationwide Designation of Beneficiary Form can be found to the right under Related Documents.  Forward the ORIGINAL to Human Resources and keep a copy for your records.

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