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Employee Time Off, FMLA & Leave of Absence Requests
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Rules & Operations of the Sick Leave Bank

Time Clock Plus (TCP) is the portal employees must use to turn in Paid Time Off (PTO) or Unpaid Time Off.  Click the TCP button below for more information.


Any time off needed over 3 days must be reported to the Human Resources department to determine FMLA Eligibility.  All requests are made by completing the online leave request form (link below).  The Chief of Human Resources will evaluate each situation and supply the employee with the required documents needed once a request for leave form below has been submitted.  

Greeneville City Schools Leave Policies

GCS Sick Leave Policy

Long-Term Leave (Non-FMLA)

FMLA Covered Leave

Military Leave

*Click here to link to the entire Personnel Policy page of the GCS Policy Manual


To request an EXTENDED leave of absence, CLICK THE LINK below to complete the approriate form. In addition, employees must also be sure to record their PTO in Time Clock Plus.  If you have questions, contact batsonm@gcschools.net





Click here  to make a request to the sick leave bank.

Please see the document to the right regarding rules & operations of the sick leave bank.


Sick Leave Bank Enrollment Information *Please note, effective 2017-18, enrollment is processed electronically and information will be emailed to employees


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