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Voluntary Resignation/Retirement Form

In the absence of an official resignation letter, employees may complete a Voluntary Resignation/Retirement form.  The Offical Letter or VRF must be completed (with a witness signature) and returned to the Human Resources department under the requirements below.  

Certified Employees (Board Policies 5.200 and 5.201)

A Teacher is required to give the Director of Schools notice of resignation at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of the resignation. This notice should be in the form of a letter of resignation which is also copied to the Principal or Supervisor to which the Teacher reports. Failure to provide notice in the absence of justifiable extenuating circumstances may result in the forfeiture of all tenure status. The Board may waive the thirty days’ notice requirement and allow the Teacher to resign in good standing. Any Teacher on leave who does not notify the Director of Schools in writing at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of return, if the Teacher does not intend to return to the position from which s/he has taken leave, may be in breach of contract. Breach of contract may result in the Board’s filing of a complaint with the Commissioner of Education to request suspension of the Teacher’s educator license.

Non-Certified Employees (Board Policy 5.202)

A non-certified employee shall give his/her immediate Supervisor written notice of resignation at least two weeks (ten working days) prior to the effective date of the resignation. The ten working days’ notice may be waived by the Director of Schools for justifiable reasons. The employee’s immediate Supervisor shall forward the notice of resignation to the Director of Schools on the day it is received. The employee will receive final payment on the next appropriate scheduled pay day.

Retirement (Board Policies 5.200, 5.201, 5.202)

Full Retirement eligibility with TCRS is either 30 years credited service with TCRS or be age 60 and vested. Early retirement (25 years credited service with TCRS or age 55) is available at a reduced benefit. Central Office personnel shall assist employees in securing retirement benefits, but the retiring employee is responsible for providing written verification of eligibility from Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) to the Central Office and for filing for benefits.


Contract Revision Request Form

Degree Changes: At the beginning of each year, certified personnel are required to document their intention to obtain an advanced degree for the upcoming school year by responding to the Employment Intention survey. This notification via the Employment Intention survey is necessary so that appropriate funding can be set aside to cover the increased cost of an advanced degree. The Employment Intention survey response does not replace the actual Contract Revision Form required for actual salary changes.

Advanced Degree Program Guidelines: The State of Tennessee requires districts to maintain a differentiated pay plan. As stipulated in the plan, payment on an advanced degree will continue so long as 13 the following guidelines are met. Advanced degrees must be related to the area in which a certified employee teaches. Pay for administrative degrees received will only be honored if in an administrative position. Educators currently enrolled in a program will be eligible provided that those programs are completed by July 1, 2018. Salary changes based on a degree or additional hours earned can occur at two different points during the year and require submission of the Contract Revision Form (with appropriate supporting documentation) to the Human Resources department. Documentation must be received no later than September 1 for the beginning of the school year change and by January 1 for a change effective in the spring semester. Once the appropriate documentation has been received, the Teacher’s monthly salary will be adjusted accordingly for the remainder of the school year. Greeneville City Schools pays supplements for additional hours beyond a bachelor’s or master’s degree when the hours total 10 hours ($100 supplement) or 20 hours ($200 supplement). If 30 hours beyond a master’s degree are completed, the Teacher is required to make application to the state for a new license and will be placed on the masters + 30 level on the salary schedule. All hours referred to above are semester hours.

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