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Insurance (2018)

Enrollment Opens 10/2/17 (Ends 10/27/17)

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2018 Insurance Meeting Schedule
2018 Medical Insurance Decision Guide
EDISON Insurance Portal Help
Instructions for Logging in
Enrolling in Your Health Insurance Plan
Enrollment Opens 10/2/17 (Ends 10/27/17)
Blue Cross Blue Shield Members (Medical)
Cigna Members (Medical)
CVS Caremark (Prescription)
Voluntary Benefits
Includes: Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, and more
Dental Provider is Cigna
Vision Provider is Davis

To the right, please review additional information under the Related Documents and Additional Pages sections.  

Click Here for the Edison Portal (The site will not be available for insurance selections until enrollment opens on October 2nd)

Click Here for Edison Password Reset Instructions

We need your help! GCS Administration will be forming an Insurance Task Force: More information to come during this year's Informational Insurance Meetings. Click the document to the right for Schedule of 2018 Informational Insurance Meetings



Employees must choose a Plan & a Network

 Informational Videos are available at the bottom of this page


2018 Medical Insurance PLAN Choices (Summaries)

  1. Premier PPO (This plan combines the previous Partnership plans - There is no longer a wellness component)

  • Premier PPO Plan Rates for 2018 (Coming Soon)

  2. Standard PPO

  • Standard PPO Plan Rates for 2018 (Coming Soon)

  3. Limited PPO

  • Limited PPO Plan Rates for 2018 (Coming Soon)

  4. Health Savings CDHP

  • Health Savings CDHP Rates for 2018 (Coming Soon)


 2018 Medical Insurance NETWORK Choices

  1. Blue Cross Blue Shield Network S

  2. Cigna Local Plus

  3. Cigna Open Access Plus (an additional surcharge applies)


The carriers' covered services are generally the same whether you choose BlueCross BlueShield or Cigna. For some procedures, different medical criteria may apply based on the carrier you select. For detailed information on covered services, exclusions and how the plans work, view the insurance carriers' member handbooks, available on the Benefits Administration website. If you have questions about medical criteria for a specific service, contact the carriers’ member services.

*NOTE: Hospital lists are effective as of 9/1/2017 for the 2018 plan year. The information in the online searchable directories is only applicable for the 2017 plan year. The information in the 2018 PDF printed directories is only 100 percent accurate the day it is sent to print. Providers and facilities in the carriers' networks can change. Be on the lookout for 2018 network updates.  Additional information will be posted as soon as it is available.  In the meantime, you can check the 2018 network status of your preferred providers by calling BCBS or Cigna member services.


Informational Videos

Video: Insurance 101

Video: Learn more about PPO Plans

Video: Learn more about the CDHP

Video: Pharmacy

Video: Edison Password Reset


Ready to Enroll?  Click Here



2018 Dental & Vision Plan Choices are enrolled with American Fidelity - Not in Edison

American Fidelity Representatives will be in schools for enrollments the week of October 30th - Schedule Coming Soon

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