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School Meal Components

What does my child get for the price of a school meal?

Offer versus Serve (OVS) is a system designed to decrease food waste and give students greater flexibility in choosing what eat for school breakfast or lunch. Students can make food selections, and will more likely eat what they select.  We have implemented the Offer vs. Serve system at all of Greeneville City Schools grades K-8.  Your child may be wondering why the cafeteria staff sometimes asks them to take another item.  The reason is usually because he/she may not have choosen enough components to qualify for a meal under the Offer vs. Serve guidelines.  Students wishing to purchase the planned meal for the meal price, regardless of Free or Reduced status must select a meal that meets the Federal guidelines.   If your child refuses to take the required number of components, we are required to charge the higher "a la carte" prices for each item.  Below are the Offer vs. Serve guidelines for lunch.


  • A lunch meal is priced as a unit and is the best value for your money.  Each lunch meal must be planned to consist of 5 food components: 1- Meat/Meat Alternate; 2-Grains; 3-Fruits; 4-Vegetables; 5-Fluid Milk
  • Students who wish to purchase a lunch meal for the set meal price must take at least ½ cup of Fruit or Vegetable and 2 more full components of the 5 food components offered. This is the minimum under Federal program regulations. If a student wishes, they may choose all five food components offered for the set meal price.
  • Students may take smaller portions of the declined food items.
  • The meal must be priced as a unit. That is, a student who takes 3, 4, or 5 food items, or smaller portions of some items, pays the same price.
  • If a student refuses to take at least ½ cup of Fruit or Vegetable and at least 2 more full components, they will be charged the higher A la Cart pricing instead of the set meal price. This is a requirement under the Federal program regulations.


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