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Adult Education


Debbie Fillers, Program Manager for Adult Education, was celebrated recently by members of the Central Office staff.  For those of you who may not know what Adult Educatio is, it is a program that enables individuals to become self-sufficient by providing the basic skills and knowledge needed to complete a secondary education (high school).  For those who did not finish high school, the State provides funding for the local Adult Education Center to provide free classes to prepare students to take the High School Equivalency Exam (GED). In doing so, students are able to continue their education and/or improve their job opportunities.

Debbie Fillers was celebrated because of the love and support she gives to the students that come to the Center trying to improve their life circumstances.  The support students receive from Debbie and all of the staff members at Adult Ed is on-going and sincere.  Debbie, and others, do whatever it takes to help make their students successful. 

Many thanks to Debbie, who like many others across the district, continue to work "relentlessly" to cultivate the mind and impact the heart of our students.  Your efforts are appreciated, Debbie, and the district is grateful for your heart!




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