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Greeneville High School

Noelle Smith, Assistant Principal at Greeneville High School is new to Greeneville City Schools this year, but she is doing BIG things.  Noelle organized the amazing Holocaust program in March which packed the NPAC with over 1,000 in attendance.  Noelle is a Tennessee Holocaust Commission teaching fellow and wanted to bring the program to Greeneville so students can be aware of the Holocaust and its relevance today.  Thank you Noelle for enriching the minds of our students with history and being an amazing Assistant Principal! (May 2016)


Betty Burley is a math legend of Greeneville City Schools. Everywhere you go, no matter who you are speaking to about excellence in GCS education, Betty’s name is always immediately mentioned.  Mrs. Burley has been impacting the minds of students for almost 50 years now. Just recently a former student of Mrs. Burley exclaimed with joy how well prepared she felt for college courses because of the phenomenal knowledge Mrs. Burley bestowed upon her. Words can’t describe how honored we are to have Mrs. Burley teaching in our system. Thank you Betty for your dedication to Greeneville City Schools and for the amazing impact you have on our students and fellow educators. You are showing everyone just exactly how we can cultivate the mind and impact the heart. (October 2015)


Crystal Oaks is the Administrative Assistant to Dr. Lana Page and Student Services.  Crystal goes above and beyond to keep student services running smoothly. She does a great job keeping up with intervention and most recently the PLAN and practice ACT.  Thank you Crystal for your hard work and dedication.  You are a great asset to GHS and an awesome role model for our students. (October 2015)




Mary Beth White, Special Education Teacher at Greeneville High School ,was nominated by her principal, Patrick Fraley, for a C-Team Celebration in honor of her phenomenal work with the Special Education Department. Mary Beth’s leadership with the department is absolutely outstanding. Thank you Mary Beth for your support and dedication to the special education department and the students of Greeneville High School! (September 2015)


The C-Team conducted our first official CELEBRATION of the 2015-2016 year by honoring Mrs. Stella Hunter, GHS Registrar! Mrs. Hunter was nominated for the C-Team Celebration by a member of the IT Team for her commitment to always doing "whatever it takes" to serve our kids! Mrs. Hunter has a strong work ethic and overall dedication to excellence in all she does. Today, we honor and celebrate the fabulous Mrs. Stella Hunter. Please join us in congratulating her for making a difference in the lives of GCS students and educators each and every day! (August 2015)


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