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TNReady Assessment 2016-17 Announcement

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NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Department of Education released the following statement on the TNReady assessment:

As many of you know, students in Greeneville City Schools and across Tennessee are going to take the TNReady assessment in the 2016-17 school year. For most high school students, testing will begin on November 28, and students in grade 3 through 8 are going to take the test for the first time ever toward the end of the school year next spring. With the help of teachers and other educators, the state has recently made important changes to the test. The annual fall time change gives all of us an hour back, and TNReady is going through some changes that will give your children more time in the classroom and for other school activities:

  • The new TNReady testing schedule will take up 30% less of your child’s class time in the coming year. On average, elementary and middle school students will have two fewer hours of testing, and high school testing will be reduced by about one hour per course. Teachers and other education experts across Tennessee have provided input on these changes to ensure students have enough time to successfully take the test while opening up more time for regular instruction and activities.
  • TNReady testing has been moved to the end of the school year to increase instructional time and to better accommodate the regular school calendar. TNReady testing was originally scheduled at two different times during a school year, but in response to feedback from teachers and administrators, it has been consolidated and shortened into a single state testing window between April 17 and May 5, which is one week shorter than scheduled last year.
  • TNReady testing has been broken up into shorter subparts to better fit regular classroom schedules and to increase time for regular instruction and school activities. TNReady is a series of smaller subtests in English language arts, mathematics, social studies, and science that students will now take over the course of a couple of weeks at the end of the school year. (Note: TNReady high school chemistry and biology exams form an exception and are not broken into subparts.) Most subparts have been shortened – sometimes as short as 30 minutes – to better fit into the normal school day. The specific schedule of subtests during the state test window will be appropriate for your child’s grade and designed to best fit with their class and school schedules.

Over the last several years, our state has voluntarily adopted new, more rigorous academic standards, and our teachers have been using them in their daily instruction. TNReady has been developed to go hand in hand with the new standards, and it will provide better information about where your child is doing well or needs some extra help in English language arts, math, social studies, and science. For all subjects except social studies (which is being field-tested this year), the test results will be made available to you and your child’s teachers, so that you can better support your child’s academic success.

If you have any questions about TNReady in general or about how the test is going to be different next year, please reach out to your child’s teacher or visit www.ExpectMoreTN.org/TNReadytimechange

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