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My Benefits Channel (MBC)
Click here to Enter MBC Site

MyBenefitsChannel (MBC) is the portal to:

  • Sign & Receive Electronic Notices (New Hire documents, GCS Handbook, 403b Information, 1095-C Tax Documents, RUP)
  • These documents are provided at the time of hire AND Annually for Employment Compliance


Documents issued at the time of hire must be acknowleged before beginning employment.  Dates for completing Annual Acknowledgements will be announced each year, but will be no later than Oct 1st.


If you need assistance, please contact HR at 423-787-8008

How to Complete Electronic Notices

Below are links to videos on how to complete your Electronic Notices in MBC


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Time Clock Plus (TCP)
Click here to Enter TCP Site

Time Clock Plus (TCP) is used for:

  • Reviewing Time Logs (Hourly Employees)
  • Submitting LEAVE REQUESTS (All Employees) (sick, personal, vacation, comp-time, loss of time, professional)


ALL PT Employees should turn in time off as "loss of time" for when they are regularly scheduled to work.


All Leave request should be requested before taking time off.  If leave is needed suddenly, the request must be submitted within 4 days of the leave date.


Click here for Mobile App Instructions

Click here for Online Portal Instructions


If you need assistance, please contact your school administrator.

Safe Schools Online Safety Training
Click here to Enter Safe Schools Site

Safe Schools is the portal to complete Annual Safety Trainings.  These trainings are to be completed withing 14 days of hire AND annually by September of each new school year.


Click on the Safe Schools link and enter your full system email address to access your trainings. 

If you need assistance, Contact Kristen Rollins at rollinsk@gcschools.net or 787-8003 

Munis Self Service (MSS)
Click here to Enter MSS Site

MSS is used for:

  • Submitting an address change to central office (HR)
  • Checking your past pay stubs
  • Submitting Changes to your W4 (Viewing past W2's)
  • Viewing / Acknowledging your Job Description (COMING SOON)
  • Applying of for jobs posted

If you need assistance, contact HR at 423-787-8008

EDISON (Health Insurance Enrollment) LINK
Click here to Enter Edison Site

Full time employees are eligible for health nsurance through the State of Tennessee.  This link can be used to:

  • Log in to the Edison Employee Self Service (ESS).   
  • Update mailing/email information
  • Make changes to insurance during open enrollment (month of October).


Click here to go to the main GCS Insurance Page for information on this year's insurance changes and how to select plans for 2018

Email Password Reset
Click here to Enter GCS Password Reset Page

When you are re-directed to the password self service reset page, you can:

  • Enter your Username (your email without the "gcs.net") then current password.  Follow instructons inside the portal to change your password


If you do not know your password...

  • Click on the "Need help?" link & follow instructions from there


If you are still unable to reset your password


  • Contact the IT Help Desk at helpdesk@gcschools.net

Click here to Enter TN Compass Site

TN Compass is your teacher licensing portal for:

  • Viewing Evaluations
  • Updating your license (renewals, advancements, name change, address change, adding endorsements, adding new degrees)
  • Requesting points for professional development (to submit toward renewals)

If you need assistance with the TN Compass site, please contact HR at 423-787-8008

Teacher Licensing Website

Navigate though this link for on-line renewal application of teaching license, and updating of license information.

Click here to Enter the MyTCRS Site

See your Annual Statement.  Always keep your TCRS information up to date, including name changes, address changes, and designation of beneficiary.

Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS)

Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System (TCRS) provides retirement coverage to the full time employees of Greeneville City Schools.  This site provides information for current employees and/or retired members of TCRS.

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