Greeneville Middle School to deploy 725 new Dell devices to all students starting Aug. 28

While the deployment of these devices is great news for GMS, it is equally good news for our K-2 students. Our standard practice is to move replaced devices from grades 3-12 to K-2.


GMS Tech Leader Lisa Loewenkamp said, “The staff and students at GMS are thankful for our School Board and the public and private partnerships that allowed us to purchase new computers for all of our students. We look forward to getting the new devices delivered to them, beginning with 8th graders.”


GCS Systems Technician Mitch Shuler stated, “Without the vision of our Director of Schools, Board Members and Chief Technology Officer none of this would be possible.  Our technology department strives daily to make Greeneville City Schools the front runner in providing our students with the tools they need to be successful.”


Greeneville Middle School Principal Rachel Adams said, “We are very thankful for GCS's commitment to provide our students with new computers! GMS has an exceptional Tech Leader! Mrs. Lisa Loewenkamp is integral part in our work to provide an excellent and exceptional educational experience for all GMS students. We appreciate her work to deploy our new laptops and her ongoing support of our students' technology needs.”  


GCS Chief Technology Officer Beverly Miller stated, “I’m so thankful today for a community that saw a vision for IT, bought into it, and continues to support it in amazing ways!” 


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