GCS Named #1 Best and Most Affordable School District by Finder.com

When settling down and starting a family, one of the major questions people ask themselves before buying a home is, “How are the schools in the area?” For many, this consideration is just as important as the home and its price.

Finder analyzed 13,506 school districts and filtered those rated an “A+” on Niche.com’s list of Best School Districts in America. For each of those top-rated school districts, Finder looked at median annual household income, average real estate taxes paid, and the median income housing prices in the district to determine which of the best school districts were most affordable.

Highlights from Finder.com:

  • Greeneville City School district in Greeneville, TN serves 2,908 students.
  • The average housing costs in the district are $128,100, or 3.73 times the annual household income in the district.
  • The median annual household income in the district is $34,307 and the average annual real estate tax paid in the district is $1,129.

 The full article with data evaluation methodology sources can be found here: https://www.finder.com/best-school-district-for-affordable-home

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