Greeneville School Board Approves Proposal for Elementary Virtual School

Greeneville City Schools is pursuing a partnership agreement with Bristol Tennessee City Schools, who currently has state approval for a 6th through 12th grade virtual school. Bristol has operated a fully online virtual high school since 2012 called Tennessee Online Public School (TOPS), which is a three-time Reward School in the state of Tennessee. With the proposed expansion, Bristol will be able to provide the 6th through 12th grade online learning option for students from both districts while Greeneville will provide the kindergarten through 5th grade option. All Greeneville City students who choose virtual learning will remain enrolled in Greeneville City Schools and will graduate from Greeneville High School. The virtual school will be open to any kindergarten through 12th grade student in the state of Tennessee.

Steve Starnes, GCS Director of Schools, stated, “I am very appreciative of the Board’s support in beginning this new online school. Greeneville City Schools has long been viewed as an innovator and a leader in educational technology. We believe that virtual education is a good fit for some students and families, and we want to provide a best-in-class option for those committed to receiving a high-quality education. We are very excited to be partnering with Bristol City Schools, a district who has operated a virtual school for 12 years and one whose virtual school has been recognized as a three-time Reward School. We feel the partnership between our districts will provide a synergy that will strengthen each district.”

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