GCS Announces New, Higher Pay Scale for its Bus Drivers

Greeneville City Schools (GCS) is excited to announce a new, higher pay scale for its bus drivers. Everywhere across the country, people are seeing news reports and ads of a nationwide bus driver shortage. Some school systems are having to start school late, not run buses, and even use the National Guard to help get kids to school. The demand for school bus drivers has never been greater.

A school bus driver’s job is challenging but rewarding. Each day a school bus driver must get up before the sun comes up and inspect their bus to make sure it is safe for transporting students. After completing all safety checks, they begin picking up students. This isn’t merely driving, but they must also be constantly on the lookout for hazards such as distracted motorists, students wearing dark clothing or those who may be hidden by trees, shrubbery or darkness, all while maintaining the discipline of the 60 plus students seated behind them. There’s no doubt that being a school bus driver takes a lot of patience, determination, and dedication, but our drivers all agree that the rewards definitely outweigh the challenges.

Phillip Graham Operations Supervisor says, “As a licensed bus driver for over 20 years, I understand the challenges a bus driver faces daily. Over the years, I have been able to see many changes in the student transportation industry that have led to greater safety practices, improved driver training and better equipment. But these changes have also created longer wait times for onboarding new drivers. Recognizing bus drivers for the important job they do each day goes a long way in recruiting and keeping excellent drivers. Greeneville City Schools expresses our appreciation in many ways to the folks that drive for us, but most especially by striving to stay competitive with the driver pay scale.”  

Helen Crowe, a bus driver for Greeneville City Schools, who lives outside of Greene County, says, “When I interviewed with Greeneville City Schools 14 years ago, I immediately felt at home. I love my job and my students and driving for a school system that supports its employees.”

Brooklyn Sanchez, another driver for Greeneville City Schools says, “When I came to Greeneville City Schools as a bus driver, I had no intention of driving long term, but the job provided me with a similar schedule as my three kids. Little did I realize how much I would truly enjoy my job and love my students. It has been the most rewarding job I have ever had. I feel extremely blessed to be part of this great team at Greeneville City Schools!”

Jim Moore, a driver that has been with Greeneville City Schools for 8 years and who also lives outside of Greene County says, “I love my job and my kids. This is the perfect job for me in this stage of my life. I love driving in a small community where we all know each other. The management team is great; I have never had such a great support system in all my fifty years of working. I do not plan on leaving anytime soon.”

Kristen Rollins, Transportation Manager, says, “Greeneville City Schools, unlike many school systems, has been able to stay ahead of the driver shortage in the 2021 school year without doubling or cancelling routes or running late buses. This has been no accident. We continue to be proactive and make sure we always stay competitive with pay increases to reward our loyal drivers.”

If you feel driving a school bus could be the job for you and would like more information, please contact Kristen Rollins at 423-787-8003 or email her at [email protected]

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