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***2021-2022 Tuition Rates***



In County


Out of County

1 Child




2 Children




3 Children










*Tuition for a K-12 education is not tax deductible. More information here. 
If you move into the city during the school year, please scan your proof of residence (see below for requirements), and send it to

Proof of Residence (This must be your residential address)

(1)  Property tax card; OR lease/rental agreement signed by both parties consisting of written evidence that a current valid agreement exists.  Also to be included with this agreement shall be the name, address and/or telephone number of the lessor; OR the most recent mortgage statement.




(2)  A monthly utility (gas, telephone, water or power) statement issued within the last 30 days which includes the service address (remittance portion of statement not accepted).




(3)  Photo ID with address shown (address must match the address on document from item #1)
Tuition Online Payment Information
We have two online payment options for tuition!  You can pay at either of the following links, just read the information below to help choose which option is best for you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 423-787-8022 or email  
Option 1:
Fee - $2.00 (This is a flat fee regardless of the amount you are paying.)
Sign up for your free account or login if you already have an account.  Once you are logged in, click the "Pay Tuition Here" button.  Next select "View Details" on the first option that says "In Full".  Enter the amount you wish to pay in the box and click "Add to Basket".  Click the cart icon in the top right corner.  Enter your credit card and billing information and then click "Continue".  The next screen will have your confirmation information, which will also be emailed to you.  
Option 2:
Fee - 4% of total paid + $.35 fee (Example:  If you are paying $1,000, the fee will be $40.35.)
Select the option that you would like to pay then hit "Add to Cart".  If you are not paying in full, click on the last option "2021-2022 Tuition", then enter the amount you wish to pay, then hit "Add to Cart".  This will take you to the cart and will show you a summary on the right hand side including fees.  Hit the "Checkout" button and then hit "Next".  Enter your billing information and then hit "Next".  Please enter your student's name(s) in the purchase notes section, then check the box and hit "Next".  Enter your credit card information and then hit "Place Order".  Your receipt will be emailed to you.