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***2020-2021 Tuition Rates***



In County


Out of County

1 Child




2 Children




3 Children










*Tuition for a K-12 education is not tax deductible. More information here. 
If you move into the city during the school year, please scan your proof of residence (see below for requirements), and send it to

Proof of Residence (This must be your residential address)

(1)  Property tax card; OR lease/rental agreement signed by both parties consisting of written evidence that a current valid agreement exists.  Also to be included with this agreement shall be the name, address and/or telephone number of the lessor; OR the most recent mortgage statement.




(2)  A monthly utility (gas, telephone, water or power) statement issued within the last 30 days which includes the service address (remittance portion of statement not accepted).




(3)  Photo ID with address shown (address must match the address on document from item #1)