Welcome to Instructional Technology

The Greeneville City School District believes it is imperative that students living and learning in the district master and routinely practice 21st-century skills that are relevant to both present and future success. To date, GCS has purchased over 4,000 student devices through the Reach4IT campaign and other grants. These devices are being utilized and incorporated into the curriculum in a variety of ways by enthusiastic GCS educators. All students in grades K-12 have a personal computing device to use in the classroom. Students in grades 3-12 are also permitted to take their computers home. GCS is committed to meeting the needs of our students in a student-centered and engaging learning environment. 
At Greeneville City Schools, we have an invaluable instructional and technical staff to support our Digital Transformation initiative. GCS employs three full-time technology facilitators and four media coordinators. These individuals, along with our talented teachers, are leading the way with curriculum and the integration of technology into instruction. In addition, the technology department provides technical support for 2,937 laptops, 408 desktops, 644 iPads, and 51 iPods. That is over 4,000 devices!
We offer group and individualized training classes. If you need to schedule a training for your school, please email Mrs. Beverly Miller at [email protected]