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How to change your GCS Password

  • These instructions WILL NOT WORK if your password has already expired!  If your password has expired, you will have to be inside our network, or you will need to work with one of our techs to change it.  If you have set your account up for self-service password reset (instructions below), you MAY be able to reset your password by visiting and selecting the "Help, I forgot my password" link just below the "Sign in with your GCS Account" link.
  • You should NOT use the Change password option in Office 365.
  • A video version of how to complete this process is on our GCS Video page
  • If you are logged into the COMPUTER AND you are inside one of our buildings - Press CTRL-ALT-DEL and select the CHANGE A PASSWORD option.  This will ONLY work if your computer belongs to the Greeneville City Schools AND you are INSIDE one of our buildings!
  • If you are not using a computer/device that belongs to the Greeneville City Schools, OR, you are OUTSIDE our network, please use to change your password.  You may also use Launchpad to change your password using the instructions below from ANYWHERE, if it is more convenient.
  • To change your password from ANY computer/device, please visit and sign in.
    • If you prefer a video version of how to complete this process, please visit our GCS Video page
    • Click the avatar in the upper right part of the screen
    • Click Settings
    • Click Recovery
    • Enter your CURRENT password in the top box and your NEW password in both boxes at the bottom
    • If you are not set up for self-service recovery, click the Mobile Phone entry, enter your mobile phone number, then enter the code sent to you.  You are now set up for self-service password reset!
    • Click the Sign In tab
    • Click the key
    • Enter your NEW password in both boxes
    • Your password has been changed!
  • Please be aware that it can take 3-5 minutes for your password change to synchronize with Microsoft.  You will not be able to access Office 365 until this automatic synchronization takes place.