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Employee Memberships & Discounts

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Ripley's Aquarium
Educator walk-up rate $12.00+Tax (Year Round)
Immediate family members (spouse & dependent children living in same household) $19.99+Tax
Children ages 2-5 $6.00+Tax
**Must present proof of employment prior to purchase at ticket booth. Current Paycheck Stub with Matching Photo ID.
YMCA (GCS Corporate Membership) Discount Information
  • Employees may enroll any month of the year: Deadline is the 10th of each month.  
  • Dues are payroll deducted (dues are pro-rated for those not paid during the summer months)
Rates (Effective Jan 2023)
Membership Type YMCA Cost GCS Discounted Rate
Employee Only $43.00 $32.25
Employee+Spouse $53.00 $42.25
Employee+Family $68.00 $57.25
*Enrollment in the GCS Discount rate saves members $129 per year.
Current YMCA Members
  1. Complete the "GCS YMCA Corporate Discount Plan Acknowledgement" form below (be sure to indicate which plan type you have)
  2. Email or Fax the form to Human Resources  
New YMCA Members
  1. Complete the "GCS YMCA Corporate Discount Plan Acknowledgement" form below (be sure to indicate which plan type you are getting)
  2. Complete the YMCA Membership Application (below)
  3. Email or Fax both forms to Human Resources  
Dollywood GCS Employee Discount Information
Greeneville City School Employees are eligible for a special discount (see below for details).  Employees must use the link below to get set up.
2023 Season (effective March 2023)
Use the link below to purchase your discounted ticket(s)

When purchasing your ticket, you will be asked to select a date. The Dollywood ticket will be valid 5 days from the date selected. If you do not use the ticket in that 5 day window, you can call 1-800-DOLLYWOOD to change the date.


Educators get 20% off all items purchased in stores.  Click here to sign up
Barnes & Noble
Unfortunately, Barnes & Noble ended their Educator Discount Program in April 2023 (formerly knows as the Legacy Membership).  Click the link below to learn more about their Premium & Rewards Memberships as they related to Educators.