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Employment Documents

Greeneville City Schools is required by law and/or GCS Policy to provide certain documents to employees at the time of hire and on an annual basis. Employees are required to view each of these documents as they pertain to their employment status (full time, part time including substitutes) and acknowledge receipt of them.  
Please review these documents and acknowledge receipt in your Safe Schools/Vector Training account.
New hires will complete their acknowledgement within their new hire orientation course in Canvas.
Documents for All Employees (Part-Time & Full-Time)
Documents for Full Time Employees
Custodians Only

Greeneville City Schools intends to provide these documents above in either electronic or hard copy format (examples of which may specifically include, but are not limited to the list below)


Form W-2, 403b Information, Form 1095-C 


Summary of Benefits and Coverage, Health Insurance Marketplace (HIM) Notice, Offer of Coverage, Look-Back Measurement Method Resolution, Summary Plan Description, Summary of Material Modifications, Responsible Use Policy, Retirement Information, Workers Compensation Procedures, and Employee Handbooks.

Employees wishing to change their employment document(s) delivery option:
Click  here

Legal Notice

Using a work or home computer with internet access, together with a printer, you may access, review and print these documents from your account on (for 1095C) or Munis Employee Self Service (ERISA and other IRS document) or from your e-mail account. Following your consent, any electronically furnished documents will remain available in your account or from the aforementioned e-mail account unless or until your consent is withdrawn, your accounts are inactivated, if the email is deleted, or the aforementioned e-mail account is inactivated. Furthermore, you have a right to request and obtain a paper version of any electronically furnished document at no charge and may do so by contacting the HR/Finance Department, at Kay Leonard Central Office, 129 W Depot St., Greeneville, TN 37743. Any request for a paper version of an electronically furnished document shall not constitute a waiver of your consent to receive documents through electronic means. 

Your consent to receive the aforementioned documents through electronic delivery shall be effective perpetually until either (i) your accounts are inactivated,
 your aforementioned email account is inactivated, or (ii) you withdraw your consent as set forth herein. Should you wish to withdraw your consent, you may do so at any time, without charge, by either (i) opting-out of your consent on this page or (ii) contacting the HR/Finance Department, at Kay Leonard Central Office, 129 W Depot St., Greeneville, TN 37743 (423-787-8000)2Greeneville City School shall provide automatic updates of any changes to this contact information. A withdrawal of your consent will be effective immediately upon receipt. A withdrawal of consent will not apply with respect to a document furnished electronically before the request to withdraw consent is received. 

In the event that you do not consent to receive the aforementioned documents through electronic delivery, or subsequently withdraw such consent, the aforementioned documents will be furnished to you in paper format, in lieu of electronic delivery.