Greeneville Schools in Action (G.S.I.A)


Mission Statement-The purpose of our G.S.I.A. is to be a partnership organization of parents, teachers, and administrators who work in cooperation with the Greeneville City School System for the promotion of education to benefit our children.

Which Results In: A closer relationship of the home and school so that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the education of the child.

A bridge between educators and our community.

Each of our six (6) Greeneville City Schools has a well-organized local group of parents and Board of G.S.I.A. Officers who work in cooperation with each city school to support the Greeneville City School System by being involved in-but not limited to the following activities:

1. Fundraising Projects 14. Newsletter, Yearbooks, Handbooks, Calendars
2. Education Supplies 15. Hospitality, Concessions
3. Assisting teachers, librarians, and administrators 16. Luncheons for Faculty and staff
4. Staffing Health Clinics 17. Special Activities to honor our educators and administrators such as: 
5. Field Trips   National Education Week
6. Incentive Programs   National Teacher's Day
7. Room Parent Activities   Teacher Appreciation Week
8. Membership Drives   National Library Week
9. Book Fairs   National Secretary Week
10. Science Fairs  
11. Open Houses  
12. Class Parties  
13. Scholarships, special awards, certificates, and trophies