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EastView Elementary



All staff at EastView Elementary were celebrated for their amazing work on the 1:1 roll out. EastView was our first school to roll out the devices and were exceptional leaders in this endeavor. (December 2015)




Nikki Jones, Phyllis Stansfield, and Jessica McMahan are the amazing special education team at EastView Elementary School. Nikki and her team have a great partnership with the students, parents and classroom teachers and pull it all together to benefit our great sped students!  In fact, a recent survey was conducted on Greeneville City School’s Special Education level of service. The survey was completed by the parents of our special education program and half of the comments were about how wonderful EastView’s program is. Thank you ladies for the love, care and education you give to our special education students. Your hard work and dedication are remarkable and much appreciated! (November 2015)




Kim Treadway was nominated by a parent for a C Team celebration for her dedication and going above and beyond helping her students. One such event happened in the evening during a school night when a student forgot to take home a book needed to complete an assignment. When the parent took the student by the school just hoping to get in, Mrs. Treadway was actually still working at the school! She let the student in to retrieve the book and thus saved the day. This is just one example of the many things that she does to help students achieve their goals. Thanks Mrs. Treadway! We appreciate you!





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